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In his book, The Next Millionaires, noted economist Paul Zane Pilzer projects that between 2006 and 2016 there will be 10 Million NEW Millionaires created in the United States. That would equal the total of millionaires that our country produced in the 230 years prior to 2006.

Pilzers prediction is coming true right in front of our eyes; even in this down economy! The reason is that many people are turning away from their corporate careers and becoming entrepreneurs. America is becoming the Land of Opportunity all over again!

We have put together one single event that will give you all the skills you need to know to succeed in your new entrepreneurial endeavors. Connecting is vital to the success of any business. Connecting with your future customers; connecting with your employees; and connecting with the business partners you will need to develop to make it to the top!

Once you
CONNECT, you must be able to PERSUADE! Driving traffic to your site, or potential clients in your door, will be of no use if you cannot convert them into paying customers!

And most importantly, you need to be able to
LEAD. You must lead your clients to the place that they are striving to make it to; you must be able to lead your team in a way that gets them to view their work as a calling and not just a job; and you need to lead the field of all your competitors!

This event covers all of that and also gives you the mindset that you will need to succeed as an entrepreneur. Our formal schooling taught us how to be good employees. We have not been trained to be creative, to become great leaders, and to take responsibility for our destiny!

This seminar gives it all to you in three action packed days that you will never forget. It encompasses every critical skill that I have learned in over 20 years of being a successful business owner.

YOU WILL LEARN:                                                                      

• How to meet potential clients and strategic business partners, even if you are shy and introverted

• How to become memorable in their eyes instantly

• How to turn a newly developed connection into a paying customer

• How to get your customers so excited about your product or service that they will be telling your story for you!

• How to read anyone…. instantly

• How to know exactly what to say to every potential client

• How to develop a powerful Unique Selling Proposition that will have people chasing after you once you have connected with them

• How to overcome any objection that a potential client could ever ask you

• How to ask powerful questions that will enable you to control any conversation

• How to become a leader weather you have a title or not

• How to inspire loyalty in your people that you never thought possible

• How to create a culture within your organization that will have people staying with you forever

• How to develop other leaders in your team at a record pace

WHO SHOULD ATTEND:                                                           

•Anyone who wants to own their time and life!

• Anyone who realizes that they have never been taught how to run their own business and lead a group of people

• Anyone who wants to increase their bottom line profits, and do it quickly

• Anyone who is having a tough time getting traffic to their websites or potential customers in their door

• Anyone who is having a tough time converting leads into paying customers

• Anyone who is having a tough time getting customers to stay with them long term

• Anyone interested in developing a magical culture in their business

• Anyone who aspires to be a great leader

• Anyone who is shy and cannot figure out how to overcome it

• Anyone who know that they do not truly have the mindset of a winner

• Anyone who wants to accelerate their learning curve and their profits!